Mad Dogs and English Women!!

||Mad Dogs and English Women!!

Mad Dogs and English Women!!

Long gone has the winter although April did bring us a few flurries of snow, usual unpredictable West Coast weather, Hello Spring!

May Day arrived and to our surprise so did the sun. Long balmy days, bubbling rivers, still lochs and the cooling effects of gentle streams. Or as mummy would say “Itchy ears, stinging insects, toxic plants and ticks, lots of ticks”

Endless hours of sunshine has meant long walks and new visitors. Leash walking has become a battle of the wills between Mummy and Bracken (with me usually caught up in the middle) pulling in any direction which is particularly traitorous if water is close by. Many a recent walk has seen all members of the family returning home needing to be toweled off!!

New furry friends to introduce, Misty and Molly both Tibetan Terriers and their mummy works on the estate as the Head Housekeeper so we get to see a lot of them. I am sure you will meet them if here on holiday, Misty is the black and white dog you will quite often see frozen to the spot, an odd but reoccurring behavior of hers seeing her prefer to remain in one spot than join the rest of us on our walk.

Final bit of news to share, we made it to the finals in…. not Crufts, but as esteemed Ambassadors for the ASSC – Embrace Scotland Paws for a break award.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

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