Weeds, Weeds and more Weeds……….

||Weeds, Weeds and more Weeds……….

We must have excavated down about 2-2.5ft all over the main front of the garden and significantly more in the channels and brought in around 500 tonnes of gravel and hard-core in replacement. This gravel was laid on a terram fabric and compacted and rolled to a finish.

The design idea is to create a network of paths to get around the garden using bricks reclaimed from the original Victorian garden wall. This will provide a practical working environment which will be softened by creating new flower beds, plantings and a fragrant lawn.

The watering system within the garden has been reconfigured and repaired providing much needed and welcomed hydration for the produce.

The boys have been busy constructing a large fruit cage, using locally sourced Larch which now provides the much sought after protection for our fruit bushes.

Planting and production is well under way and guests will be able to enjoy a wide variety of vegetables including: French & broad beans, courgettes, spinach, aubergine, squash and the standard potatoes, onions and cabbages.  We even have a herb bed, so you can convert the everyday meal into a more exotic and flavoursome offering.

Aside from the above, Richard continues to boldly go into the overgrown borders cutting back where possible and clearing areas choked with brambles, creeping buttercup and self-seeded saplings, we envisage that this will continue for quite some time.

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