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“The Rahoy Hills Nature Reserve is a wild and remote area of hills, moorland and wood on the Morvern peninsula on the west coast of Scotland. It is owned and managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Ardtornish and is the most biodiverse of all the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves. The reserve is an inspiring place with magnificent hills and wild woodlands. Or is it a deeply altered landscape reflecting centuries of human impacts? The residency will develop the intersection between people and nature, art and ecology. The Rahoy Hills Nature Reserve has a long history of scientific recording and monitoring. Artists in residence will also benefit from the expertise of some of the individuals involved in this.
The management committee of the reserve started a visual arts residency two years ago. This has been established to build collaboration between the natural history of this wild place and the creative disciplines. The hope is that this will increase the understanding of conservation principles within the creative community and of how the arts can contribute to what is often considered the domain of land managers and scientists. Now entering its third year, we are launching a publicity campaign to coincide with the opening of our own gallery space dedicated to the reserve. Generously contributed by Ardtornish, this venue will be the first place to view the work from the residencies. We are now looking for our next artist and applications are welcomed. Further details will be found on the Creative Scotland website in the near future.

The new display venue at Ardtornish will have its official opening on August 16th.The gallery will be open to the public for a viewing and an opportunity to meet our current artist in residence, botanist and visual artist Ben Averis, between 4pm and 6pm.
If you are in the area please come and join us for a drink and a chat.”

See more of Ben’s work
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