Teething Problems & Winter Wonder

||Teething Problems & Winter Wonder

Teething Problems & Winter Wonder

Much to my dismay, my owners and I are learning the pitfalls of the youngest member of our Clan gaining his adult teeth. Yes, you have guessed it, Bracken is teething! Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that this is a normal process that us dogs must go through and I can forgive the graveyard of damp discarded toys strewn throughout the house, but, the latest obsession with my ear is simply disgusting. A favourite for him to swing on already, it has now become Brackens number one baby comforter. Sodden by puppy drool, I am frowned upon by my owners and as a consequence I have been relegated from the sofa to rug.

The festivities came and went, leaving us all with a few extra pounds of weight as a reminder, with this in mind our leads have never been far from sight and our owners boots have stood to attention at the front door ready for action with little notice.

Hail the snow!!….. A first for my young companion, like all mentors, I took the responsibility of showing him the appropriate behaviour to adopt in these wintry conditions extremely serious.    Now, I have been likened to a polar bear, not a bad comparison, but my actions are more in keeping with a snow plough, with my mutt shifting as much snow as a good shovel.

I am sure the pictures I am painting for you will have provided many smiles and perhaps a few giggles!

Happy New Year to you all.


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