Waterlogged Winter Woes!!

||Waterlogged Winter Woes!!

Waterlogged Winter Woes!!

The record levels of rain fall has proved to be a very unwelcomed guest this winter. It soon became apparent that the original, Victorian clay drainage in the garden was not up to the job. The clear indicator was the most unimaginable quagmire that a Tough mudder hard-core obstacle course would be proud to boast of.  I think the photos go a little way in showing this.

Over the festive period, the works team set about installing a complete new drainage system running the length of the garden. Their efforts we are sure will have resolved the drainage of the garden for the foreseeable future.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the soil test results came back negative. So the main veg area has now been manured or limed to adjust to the correct PH in accordance with the results

All of the workable poly tunnels have been cleared, manured or limed and are ready for the coming season’s plantings.

Autumn fruiting raspberries have been cut back and Apple and Pear trees in the Orchard tunnel have also been pruned.

The area where the green house stood has now been levelled and landscaped. The long term future for this area is still undetermined but, Architectural drawings to replicate the original greenhouse structure are underway. The road to Garden cottage has had new drainage installed, BT cables before finishing with a brand new dressing.

It will not be long before planting begins, our potatoes are already being chitted!! Our thoughts drift off to longer days, BBQ’s on the beach and summer picnics

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